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PROMO : Raw Rawr Bundle Balanced Promo for Cats Dogs

  • PROMO : Raw Rawr Bundle Balanced Promo for Cats Dogs

PROMO : Raw Rawr Bundle Balanced Promo for Cats Dogs (2 Packs)

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Raw Rawr
PROMO : Raw Rawr Bundle Balanced Promo for Cat Dogs (2 Packs)

Promo from : 16 Mar to 15 Jun 18

What you see is what you get for Raw Rawr. Nothing more. Raw Rawr do not put unnecessary additives or ingredients in the food because raw feeding should Pure, Clean and Simple. After all, you are choosing a raw diet for your dog or cat because it is wholesome, nutritious, unadulterated food. That is the key benefit of feeding a raw diet.

Raw Rawr pet foods gives you the control to decide what you want to add into your dog or cat’s raw diet. Some doggies are allergic to certain ingredients so we keep our food as pure as possible. Raw feeding should be easy and convenient and the ingredients should not have indecipherable names that confuses the owner. If there are so many synthetic ingredients added to the food, then it is the same as many processed foods out there.

Raw Rawr is made in New Zealand with grass fed, free range, pesticide, antibiotic and hormone free meats. All our ingredients can be traced right to the source. Raw Rawr is made with human grade ingredients in a human grade certified facility. New Zealand has extremely strict controls for the quality of meats and every single batch of Raw Rawr undergoes stringent tests for pathogens before they are allowed to be exported.

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