Bubble Pets


PawFlex® bandages are our award-winning line of fur-safe wraps and mitts for dogs, cats and other pets with super stretch and non-adhesive fabric. Our pet bandages are ‘all in one’ disposable and reusable, with water resistant, breathable and non-irritating material keep wounds protected. PawFlex® has five bandage and cover designs currently available with up to six sizes to cater any wound for all dog body-types and breeds: PawFlex® Basic Bandage and Universal Joint Bandage come in Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large/XL; and, the PawFlex® Protective Sleeve Cover with the MediMitt and MediMitt Cover range in sizes from Two-X Small to Extra Large accommodating small, medium and large dogs of all breeds and ages — as well as cats, rabbits and like-sized critters. Our company’s goal is to provide innovated yet affordable bandaging that is high quality and addresses issues pet owners have with other dog bandaging on the market today. Pawflex® break-through bandage designs are not only effective and slip or slide-free, but are comfortable and a hassle-free alternative to current pet wound care solutions.