Dogs are very curious animals and are well known to be playful. They start playing when they turn a month old and do all sorts of games with their mother, siblings and owners.

For some dog owners, they are scared that allowing their dogs to play too much can make them spoiled. Others fear that they might turn destructive if they are allowed to play around too much.

However, playtime is very important for your pet's development and here are the reasons why:

It helps them become sociable

While they are puppies, they start learning how to interact with others, mainly with their family. As they play, they learn how to be a leader and a follower and it is often at this time, you will get to see which role your dog will prefer.

Allowing your pet regular playtime will help your dog develop bonds and hone their personalities, as they get older. Dogs who receive regular playtime from the time they are young can communicate better and befriend others.

Meanwhile, dogs that did not get regular playtime often grow up anxious or aggressive. Sometimes, they bite people and other pets.

It helps them hone their senses and instincts

Playtime also helps dogs train their senses and instincts. They can let their curiosity guide them and help solve challenges along the way.

They will also become less anxious and more confident with their skills, which is a big plus when they interact with others.

It helps them train their predatory behavior

While dogs can be tamed, they are predators in their own right. They dig, catch, chew, chase and hunt and playing can help them hone these skills.

Some dog owners are often told not to play games with dogs that will promote their predatory behavior and turn loose.

However, games like tug-of-war can help your dog adjust their predatory behavior.

They will learn how to analyze what is before them and do the right act to win.

It is also a great way to reduce aggression and train them to be cooperative, especially if you are teaching him commands.

When you do play these games with your dog, let them win one or two games.

Your dog will be able to sense if you are letting them win all the time.

It helps boost their mental and physical traits

Finally, playtime also helps your dog train their mind and body. If you play mental games with your dog, their brains do not deteriorate quickly as they get older.

If you often play active games with them, they will remain fit even at an advance age.

What toys can you get your pet?

If you want to help with your dog's playtime, there are a lot of toys available in the market for you to choose from.

If you want to play tug-of-war with your dog and help keep their teeth strong, you can get theKong Dental with Rope Toysfor Pets. Rubber toys like PLAY Rmen Pet Toy and Petz Route Piggy Dog Toy will ensure that they are occupied while you do your chores.

Playtime is something every dog owner must give his or her dogs. It will help your dog's physical and mental health grow and help them grow as well-rounded pets.